Terms of Use – 2020

Participation Terms and General Conditions

Responding to the COVID emergency, the MIP Business Game team (hereafter referred to as “MIPBG”) is organizing an online event that will take place from 14th to 23rd October 2020. This agreement identifies the rules for the participation to the event and the usage of the web site, accessible from https://mipbusinessgame.com. Please read the terms below before registering to the event. By registering to our website, the user accepts and subscribes this Agreement, that is a binding legal agreement between the user and the MIP Business Game.

1. Participation

  1. Eligibility. Only individuals who are officially enrolled in a school or a university of higher education, and currently in their third year of Bachelor, first year of Master or last year of Master are eligible for the participation at the MIPBG (hereafter, they will be referred to as “the Students”). Students writing their thesis or doing the equivalent in order to obtain their diploma can also be considered as students. All MBA, CMA (complementary master) or PhD students will not be accepted.
  2. Registration. To participate to the event the student must compile the Registration Form on the website https://mipbusinessgame.com. The student must register under the first name and surname appearing on his passport/identity card and provide a valid personal email. It is possible to change any of the details used during the registration until the date of the event. In such an event, the student is expected to contact the MIPBG team at the email address info@mipbusinessgame.com. It is imperative that every field in the Registration Form must be completed with valid answers. The MIP Business Game reserves the right to verify the validity of the information and to retract and disqualify a candidate if the information given in the abovementioned Registration Form is incorrect or invalid.
  3. Contribution fee. A financial contribution of 10€ will be required from each participant selected to attend the event. The contribution will be donated to charity. It will be given to the attendants the possibility to choose the society to whom donate between a set of preselected organizations. Please note that the full amount of the contribution will be donated and there will be no refunds.
  4. Online event. The MIP Business Game is a business game organized by Politecnico di Milano and MIP students and alumni. The event will take place exclusively online from 14th to 23rd October 2020. The students will be grouped in teams and will have approximatively 7-8 days to collaborate and create a solution to the cases presented by MIPBG partner companies. The online services provided by the MIP Business Game team for the correct development of the event are offered exclusively to the participants that correctly registered to the event through the Registration Form.
  5. Idea. The purpose of the MIPBG is to familiarize students with the reality of the work that they will face in their professional life, by solving challenging business cases proposed by MIPBG partner companies. The Business Game is based on an interactive economic simulation where the participants evolve within a defined competitive environment. The decisions made by the participants will affect their level of success. Moreover, MIPBG aims at being a platform capable of connecting students with companies, giving them a chance to get in touch with the corporate world before completing the studies.
  6. Teams. Students will be grouped in teams of 5-6 participants. The teams will be formed by the MIP Business Game team, to guarantee a correct balance between teams. The teams will change in every challenge. The number of students per team may change. The main objective of the team sorting is to make every participant get to know new students with diverse backgrounds and skills fostering, therefore, the learning scale for everyone.
  7. Support during the event. The MIPBG team will provide their support during the whole event. Students can contact the team at any moment, through a chat that will be created.
  8. Partners. The MIPBG event will take place thanks to the collaboration with partner companies. Partners will be announced on MIPBG web site and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). The Human Resources Managers of the partners will be authorized to use the results of their challenge at their full discretion and to use the images of the event for marketing purposes. In addition, they will have the right to request the presentation deck prepared by each team for their challenge. Finally, only and exclusively if the student consents, they will have access to the participants CV for recruiting purposes.
  9. Winners. For every challenge, 3 winner teams will be announced. The winners are announced by the managers of the partner company that has presented the challenge. The evaluation process and criteria for the challenges will be determined by the MIPBG team and the corporate partners jointly. The final results will be announced at the closing ceremony during the last day of the event.

2. Representations and warranties

By compiling the Registration Form, as possible participant to the event, you guarantee that:

  1. You will respect other participants and organizers’ rights. This means that you will not send or publish material that may damage the MIPBG team, the partner corporates, the participants to the event or any other third party.
  2. You will not adapt, re-product or re-use, without the consent of the MIPBG team, the material and documentation provided during the event. The challenges and its associated documentation are subject to copyright.
  3. You will keep the information given to you confidential. You may be given access to information concerning individuals belonging to the partner companies or information as commercial, financial, scientific, industrial or marketing-related information, concerning the activities, operations and studies of the corporate partners, one or several of the companies in the corporate partners’ Group or one or several companies to which they are or were related or in which they are interested. You will not treat irresponsibly the above mentioned information neither during the event nor after the end of the event.
  4. You will not communicate the strategy or any specific information concerning the team groups’ decisions. All data contained in the team’s data file are private and highly confidential.
  5. You will not present content that is illegal or in conflict with the Code of Conduct.
  6. You will not send commercial or marketing solicitations.
  7. You will not send materials containing virus, malware or other dangerous codes.
  8. You will not try, create or use any unauthorized access to our network, or any other platform or storage system used during the event. Participation in the MIPBG is subject to online electronic acceptance of the Official Rules and of the documentation concerning the ownership of the intellectual property and image rights.
  9. You will not participate to the event under the influence of alcohol, drugs or specific medicine (impairing or severely limiting the ability to participate).

Privacy. You confirm to have read our policy on privacy, available on https://www.mipbusinessgame.com/privacy-policy-2020, and by subscribing to this Agreement you accept the terms of the above mentioned policy.

Service terms and used platforms. The MIPBG online event is organized using third party platforms. Every platform will provide its services according to its terms and conditions. MIPBG team is not responsible for their performance. We invite you to read the terms and conditions of each platform before its usage.

3. Intellectual Property

  1. Platform and event property. The user recognizes that all the rights on the platform on which the event is organized, included any material associated to it or any documentation provided in accordance with this Agreement, pertain exclusively to MIPBG.
  2. Image usage. By participating to the event you accept to share your image and you authorize the MIPBG Team and MIPBG partners, to document through short movies and photos the development of the event. The rights related to the documentation of the event pertain to MIPBG. The images and videos can be transmitted, visualized, reproduced, modified, distributed by MIPBG or MIPBG partners for promotional purpose of the event or related activities, for un unlimited amount of time. The participant has the right to require the removal of his own image by writing to info@mipbusinessgame.com

4. Responsibility

Through the participation to the event the user accepts to indemnify MIPBG from any suffered danger or danger provided to any third party during the participation to the event. The responsibility is in the hands of the participant in case of malice, gross negligence or violation of the public policy.

5. Disqualification

The violation of any of the conditions defined in this Agreement from part of the participant, will lead to the automatic disqualification of the participant and his removal from the event. The team working with the disqualified person shall have no recourse against the disqualification decisions.

The MIP Business Game has the right to disqualify and sue any participant who might try to destroy, disturb, damage or affect the proper functioning of the MIPBG.

6. General information

  1. Entry into force. The Agreement will be implemented at the moment of the registration to the Registration Form to participate to the event
  2. Dates and times. All the times and dates published by the MIP Business Game are in local Italian time
  3. Modifications or deletion of the event. In the event that the administration, the security or the proper functioning of the MIPBG is put to question, the MIP Business Game reserves the right to shorten, modify or cancel the MIPBG. In this event, the Team or one of its members will not be able to claim any loss against it.
  4. MIPBG content. The MIPBG, its concept, its content, its appearance, its logo, any other graphic element and its organization are and shall remain the sole property of the MIP Business Game.
  5. Incorrect perfomances. The MIP Business Game is not responsible for the incorrect functioning of the website, for incorrect e-mail addresses related to the MIPBG or for connection problems.
  6. Applicable law. The only law applicable to the present general conditions and arising obligations is the law of the Italian Republic
  7. Controversy. Any dispute related to the General Conditions, related to its execution or interpretation, including its efficacy and validity, will be solved in the Court of Milan.